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“How has the use of technology positively and negatively affected today’s youth ?” March 28, 2009

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untitledbmp2Technology is a necessity in today’s generation. The actual

word “technology” comes from the Greek word “technologia”, which means “craft”.

Computers, ipods, game systems, and television would be some examples of technology.

However, the definition “technology” can refer to material objects of use to humanity

such as machines, hardware, or utensils. The most common type of technology used

by today’s youth would be a television set, game system, cell phone, computer, or an

iPod. These examples of technology affect today’s youth in several ways.

IPods are very popular in today’s youth world. IPods are small

hand-held devices that play music. Some people use them to increase motivation and

self esteem. Music from the iPod can refresh you and give you the confidence you need.

Most of today’s youth likes listening to their iPod after school. Music from an iPod has

also been proved to help kids work faster on their homework. IPods have greatly affected

today’s youth by making them cheerful and entertaining them. When kids need someone

to talk to, they go on the “chat rooms”. Chat rooms are online places where you can send

instant messages to a friend or stranger. You may learn the person’s nickname and what

their favorite hobbies are. There is a friend list also. A friend list is people you can chat

with at a given time. Teens love to visit the chat rooms and talk to people about their

day, feelings, etc. Chatting with their friend cheers them up. Sometimes chat rooms can

be dangerous by predators.

Predators can affect teens horribly. They can mess them up for

life. Predators hang out on websites such as MySpace, chat rooms, etc. In late 2007,

NBC created a program called “To Catch a Predator”. NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” is a

reality television show that features a series of hidden camera investigations devoted to

those who contact teens over the internet for inappropriate contact. Hansen (the host)

attempts to interview each one about their intentions. Some exit the home immediately

when they see Hansen, because they recognize the show, or they have seen him in

previous investigations. Hansen, without identifying himself, interviews the predators

about their intentions. After a few minutes of questioning, Hansen identifies himself as a

Dateline NBC correspondent and informs the predator that the entire interview has been

recorded on hidden camera as part of NBC‘s “How to Catch a predator“. Then, crew

members with cameras reveal themselves and the predator is taken into custody.

MySpace is a hotspot for predators. It is a website offering an interactive network of

friends, personal profiles, blogs, photos, music and videos for teenagers and adults

internationally. “A 22-year-old male in San Francisco comes off as a typical college

student on MySpace, professing a love beat poetry, nature and obscure coffee house

bands. His profile didn’t mention that he is a convicted child molester” (Rob Stafford,

MSNBS Date Line, 4/5/06).

A video game is a system that involves interactions to

generate a visual feedback. Video games affect today’s youth in positive and negative

ways. Video game playing introduces children to computer technology. Many games

provide practice in problem solving. Games also can provide occasions for parent and

child to play with each other. Some games can provide therapeutic applications with

parents and children. You have to remember that games are also entertaining and fun!

Studies find a relationship between violent video games and several teens .Practicing

violent acts may contribute aggressive behavior to the normal behavior of teens. Game

environments are often based on plots of violence and aggression. Many games only

offer enjoyment with weapons, killings, kicking, stabbing, and shooting. Most of the time

when the child finishes the game he or her was playing; the child gets confused with

reality and fantasy. Most of the time there is a “victor “or “champion” of the game,

sometimes if the child does not become the victor or champion, it creates tension in the

child. That can cause numerous reactions such as a temper .Video game systems are

usually played on a television set.
A television (or TV) telecommunication medium for sending

images. The images are usually played in color. In its previous production years, the

images were played in black and white. They were commercially available since the late

1930s. The television has evolved since it was invented. Now they are closed-circuit,

high Definition and digital televisions. Today, television has become a part of teen’s life

style. The TV has affected them positively in many ways. Television helps teens learn

about people’s culture. It also gives family members of all ages an opportunity to spend

time with each other while watching it. Parents can use the TV to get kids to read books

on the same subject. If a storm is coming or cold weather is about, it alerts people about

it by the news channel on the TV. That could save people’s lives. There are also some

negative effects that come along with the television. Some kids get addicted to the

television. If you watch it too long; it can distract you from doing your homework or

going to bed for school. It also hurts your eyes and can cause eye problems. You always

need to spend time playing outside and getting some fresh air with your friends. TV will

brain wash you if you stay on it too long. Just like the video games the TV will contribute

aggressive behavior to your normal behavior. Doctors recommend a certain time that you

stay on the TV. Some say if you watch it for more than 2 hours, a head ache will develop.

Technology is used almost every were you look. IPods to TVs are still

a daily doses for today’s developing teens. Just take a look around right know, do you

see any teens using technology? Technology will also still continue to affect teen’s live in

positive and negative ways.

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1. ryan banning - December 16, 2009

I liked this site, it gave good information and I think technology is getting better everyday! 🙂

2. gabby - February 21, 2010

I think it was nice.

John - February 23, 2010

Thank you!


3. Andy - February 28, 2010

John, if you are still working, then do you know any websites that talk about affects of technology on the youth, like the one you post. Because I need more information to write a research paper

John - March 11, 2010

Hi Andy,

I am glad to hear you took interest in my article. I actually read mutilple articles on cyber bulling, how technology has benefited today’s world, went to my library and did research, and called a few universities that study this. Try doing that too. Also, this was a big time source for me on writing the negative effects – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Catch_a_Predator (and I made sure this article was accurate). But you can withdraw information from my website as long as you don’t copy it word for word and you cite my website. Thank you!

God Bless,

John M. Bowling

4. dunc - May 12, 2010

Thanks John, you gave me all the information I needed for a podcast!

John - May 21, 2010

Ur Welcome! Just site this on your bibliography 🙂

5. Mabel - June 30, 2010

Thanks for this peice of information. It helped me a lot in my research.

John - July 1, 2010

Your welcome! Be sure to use a bibliography 🙂

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